Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why does Obama not want child cancer sufferers' to receive vital treatment?

When Obama talked about his sequestration proposal (automatic budget cuts) and the effects of a government shutdown, he really looks and sounds terrible.

Presidents can have a sombre mood when it comes to facing a big issue or a major tragedy but the idea is that America is a can do nation for example:

·         FDR after Pearl Harbour – sombre but resilient.
·         George Bush after 9/11 reflective, yet unyielding.

On Sequester, Obama gave news conference after news conference trying to describe the effects of such a drastic cut in spending. No (decent) President will ever talk down to the American people nor portray a doomsday scenario – unless it is genuine.
Obama has a habit of doing this. Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, he cries wolf to a usually adoring media, who will lap it up and replay his plea constantly to the public at large.

When the Sequester happened, the automatic cuts came in and everything is running normally or not out of the ordinary. Essentially Obama was defeated. He tried to diminish the American spirit to achieve a Congressional victory and failed.

We now turn to the partial government shutdown and that fact that 87% of the government is running ordinarily.
Obama, as with Sequester, knowing that only 15% of the government is out of action, is at it again. Yet in this case, he has changed his tactics from last time.  Now, he is actively closing monuments and memorials such as the WWII monument in Washington, D.C. -even when he has no right to do so. In that instance, Obama ordered that a chainlink fence be erected around the World War II Memorial denying anyone in. Subsequently the Veterans turned back the years, stormed the memorial, retook control and sang Amazing Grace!! That is the American spirit!

He has ordered his Democrat colleagues not to restart the government unless the whole Continuing Resolution is agreed between all parties.

If the attack on the Veterans wasn’t distasteful enough from our President, then let us have a look at how he wishes to treat children suffering with cancer.
Barack Obama has instructed the National Institute of Health (NIH) that they can’t start any new testing of anything – until the CR is approved. He still says this even though the NIH offers children with cancer lastchance experimental treatment.

As soon as the Republicans found out about it, they offered to pass a bill to fund the NIH so the kids may have a chance of survival. The President said he will veto the GOP bill it if it gets to his desk.

The GOP is not blameless here. The United States Government, including Obama are all disconnected from the American people. But when you look at the bold facts here, knowing that negotiating will take a while, don’t you just want to take whatever you can get here, Mr President?

If Government is vital, each component essential to the running of the country, why not take a 3% of what you can get now.

On Gun Control, Obama said that if his (now failed) legislation and executive orders save just one life it would be worth it. Why can’t you apply the same principle here with children suffering from cancer? Are you willing to stand in the way and possibly see a child die from this heatless disease, just to make a political point?    

My question is: 

Why does Obama not want child cancer sufferers' to receive vital treatment? 

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