Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Ed Miliband ought to learn from Mitt Romney when it comes to elections.

Labour are holding out for the economy to suck that much, that they can pin the blame on David Cameron and the Tory party. 
The goal of opposition is to be the magnifying glass for the people. They are meant to highlight areas and portray to the public the 'wrongs' of current policy.

What Miliband and Ed Balls are doing wrong is that they haven’t been able to portray an alternative vision. Many people insist that an opposition isn't there to get involved with the specifics but merely to call-out. I say that if that tactic was working, Cameron would be in severe trouble and having to reshuffle every few months. 
Labour are NOT gaining in seats (Bradford-West & Eastleigh). 
They aren't rallying the troops to get behind their agenda. 
They are bereft of ideas and true leadership.

On Welfare – THE area for any Labour party to stockpile votes in any election, they don’t know what they want and it is killing them. Since Ed gazumped his brother to the leadership, he has constantly attacked the Tory-led coalition after they instituted a limit of benefits rises to 1 per cent. Now  - the story is that Ed has changed his mind.
“Social security spending, vital as it is, cannot be exempt from that discipline. Labour, if elected, would introduce a cap on ‘structural spending’ – such as housing benefit and disability allowances which are not affected by sharp upturns in unemployment – for three years.
So he was against any limits but now he is for them!!

In America, Mitt Romney essentially ran against Barack Obama and not for his own agenda to fix major flaws in the country.

At some point, you have to offer your own meaningful vision. With U-turns of serious proportions from Labour on welfare and a complete lack of clarity on issues, it is clear that unless things change boldly, the idea of Prime Minister, Ed Miliband is far from likely, nigh-on impossible. 

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