Thursday, 21 February 2013


Rubio in Israel
Why are people raving about Marco Rubio?

It is for the below interview which he gave to Sky News (United Kingdom) during his visit to Israel and the Middle East. 

He was eloquent, precise, definitive and more importantly correct on some crucial issues.

He didn't bow to the Leftist ‘rallying cry’ of settlements being the core reason for continued delays in resuming peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

With regard to Syria he is mindful of arming rebel forces and the lack of action from allied nations.

There is no doubt that he is the future of the Republican Party.

The fact that he is a conservative who is espousing limited government, lower taxes, strong military and freedom for all - on top of that a Cuban-American - frightens the life out of the Democrats and their consultant. They are all too happy to ‘box-in’ minorities for political gain, rather than to boost their livelihood and make them prosper.  

As mentioned in prior blogs; it is vital that conservative minded leaders come forward and offer bold solutions to the issues facing America and the world. The days of complaining about things are over and it is time that the GOP renews itself as a party driven by clear ideas.

With people like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and a host of others taking up the mantle after the disastrous 2012 election; it is clear that the GOP have taken that message on board. 

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