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Let me preface this piece with my eternal gratitude to The Queen & the British Government for allowing the Jewish people to come into Britain following the Holocaust. It is something that the Jewish people will never forget and we can never repay you enough.

I believe that the United Kingdom is changing and fast. The demographics are shifting away from the traditional values of the past. For example: Christmas Day. There was a time, not too long ago, that no shop would dare be open on that day. Now, you have a swath of outlets open for business. The primary reason for this and many non-traditional things occurring today is that the people are not inclined that way to the founding of the country.

The Tony Blair Project

Whilst the majority of people respect the UK, they appear not to accept, nor care of the traditional aspect of living here. That my friends, is down to a number of things but mainly due to what I call the "complex":

a) mass unchecked migration 
b) lack of a British identity  
c) Political Correctness.

Tony Blair did some amazing things as leader of the country. One of the worst things was his insistence on open borders, to attract new voters for his political party. By adopting this policy under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’, he was merely removing the Great from Great Britain - all for political expediency. In my world, there is no Left vs. Right but rather Good vs.Bad policy. 
The Tony Blair Project aka ‘TBP’ (not to be mistaken with the equally bad Blair Witch Project movie) has to go down as one of the worst policies of recent times.

Issues are about the economy, jobs, NHS and energy prices and elections are won and lost on who can handle those issues better. The problem is that many people today are asking about what government can give them, not what each person can give to better the country. That is down to the "complex" idea mentioned earlier.

Britain no longer has an identity. If you say it is multiculturalism, then I would ask as to how a doctrine in which several different cultures can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country gives us an identity worth fighting for. All that is, is allowing many people to live parallel lives and not learning to become part of society.

Rowan Williams C of E

If war was to break out in and Britain was called to action, what would fight for the flag represent. By becoming subservient to multiculturalism, you are creating a permanent parallel class who don’t really care about the country, essentially the end of British Exceptionalism.

Make no mistake, I believe in immigration. I believe that people from out of Britain can make a difference and advance the country and make it more prosperous for all. What we have at the moment is a severe identity crisis and lack of moral leadership. 
Case in point is the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams who instead of fighting for The Church of England; is more than happy to accept certain aspects of Sharia Law. Only in Great Britain can you have a leader of a Church so ineptly give way to another religion. Even if he didn't really say that, or was misconstrued, Sharia Law is the antithesis of Christianity and moral teachings and should not be uttered in the same sentence.  

For example let me give you an idea about Shariah Law and their views on women: 

According to the Shari’ah, despite declarations of the equality of the sexes before God - Women are considered inferior to men, and have fewer rights and responsibilities.
A woman counts as half a man in giving evidence in a court of law, or in matters of inheritance.
Her position is less advantageous than a man’s with regard to marriage and divorce.
A husband has the moral and religious right and duty to beat his wives for disobedience or for perceived misconduct.
A woman does not have the right to choose her husband, or her place of residence, to travel freely or have freedom in her choice of clothing.
Women have little or no autonomy and are deemed to need the protection of their fathers, husbands or other male relatives throughout their lives.

You don’t have right for a fair trial and punishment can range from Lashing, Stoning to Chopping off hands, and for the male gender; castration. 

 In Iran these types of punishments are handed out regularly

This man was found guilty of theft and adultery by a court in city of Shiraz, Iran. His punishment was meted out under Sharia law.

If you think the above isn't happening Britain then you are wrong. 
In 2010, there were 2,823 honour killings here. These killings are done following supposed acts deemed to have brought shame on a Muslim family.

Some point to the notion that because these are ancient laws that such positions are not doled out. On some points that is correct but you only have to look at Mali, Algeria and Iran to see that the most grotesque of punishments are still being practiced. Remember the Taliban in Afghanistan!
Iran is run under Shariah Law and there is nothing that we can do about it. Each faith has to modernise and most religions do so. However when you come to the UK it is important to live by the rules and that applies for every faith -including Judaism.

Channel 4 recently produced a program about Jews in Stamford Hill. The majority of Jewish people knew that the program was correct in exposing the fallacy of what certain rabbinical leader were claiming and therein lies the difference. 
The majority of Jewish people saw that was totally wrong and stood up in a peaceful and democratic way to denounce such behaviour. It was similar to the Sunday Times cartoon - blood libel. The Jewish people didn't riot, burn down flags, kill an ambassador nor declare a fatwa. We responded in a civilsed manner, in keeping with the timeless values of freedom of speech and respect - and got what we wanted, which was an apology. 

I yearn for the day, in which the majority of Muslims publicly stand up to the supposed few who are perverting Islam in the name of violence and intolerance.

I haven’t a clue as to how Britain can be saved from this. I am not sure that it is reversible. When you give an inch, you lose metre and that is what multiculturalism does to a country.

Britain gave away its Parliamentary Sovereignty to the EU.
It is clear that Britain has sold its soul in the name of multiculturalism and it isn't coming back.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! 

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