Wednesday, 20 February 2013


President Obama will need a new communications director.

The news coming today offers some great news that Soledad O’Brien (pictured) is leaving CNN, or more like being fired. See the report from the NY POST!!!

There were fewer people on Cable TV who did more to enhance the Obama 2012 campaign than her. The overt contempt that she had for any Romney surrogate or non-Obama conformist was astounding. In a different age it she would have been fired a long time ago. The fact that it took this long to sack her shows how out of touch CNN is with mainstream viewers. 

See below a few excerpts during her time at CNN. It is no wonder that CNN reported their lowest ratings in over a decade with Soledad anchoring. 

It seems that CNN President, Jeff Zucker is learning from past mistakes and putting an agenda of being civil, accurate and fair in reporting - rather than the crap which Soledad spews every morning. 

The signing of Jake Tapper was a masterstroke. 

Ridding CNN of "hacks" such as O'Brien can only improve their ratings. 


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