Wednesday, 20 February 2013


If anyone thinks that Obama is this invincible politician then they really have a short memory. Obama has struggled whenever he's under the microscope and during the 1st debate between Obama & Romney- the President was found out. 

The remaining debates did NOT have the same effect from Romney as he essentially sat on his lead. The old adage "If You Are Not Going Forward You Are Going Backwards" was the reason why Romney failed at the end. 

After the election was over Romney's son, Tagg said about his Dad: 
“{He} wanted to be president less than anyone I've met in my life.” 
If that had come out in the primary, then he would never had gotten the nomination. 

Teddy Kennedy, when he was running a primary challenge against President Jimmy Carter in 1979 was asked a simple question about why he wanted to be President and wasn't able to answer:

That video destroyed him and essentially ended his Presidential aspirations.

The GOP needs to have a clear, optimistic  ideas based vision for America and the world. Ronald Reagan offered that in 1980 when he was officially nominated as Republican nominee for President. He offered a bold vision based on limited government, equality, anti-communism, peace through strength, lower taxes and more freedom for all. 
That he was able to do that was due to his never ending enthusiasm and love of the country.

You didn't have to ask him why he wanted to be President; you just knew it. 

Newt Gingrich was spot on in saying: 
"Republicans need to drop the consultant-centric model and go back to a system in which candidates have to think and consultants are adviser and implementers but understand that the elected official is the one who has to represent the voters and make the key decisions."
I believe that the tide is turning. 
The message has been received and the next generation of conservative leaders will be able to make America sparkle once again through a clear vision. 

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