Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Insurers are allowed to sell policies only in states where they are licensed to do business. Which essentially means that you can't purchase Health Care across state lines. 

So for example if live in the state of New York but the state of Colorado has better insurance provider and can offer me cost saving, then I cannot purchase! I am stuck in my state regardless of affordability, accessibility and cost. 

However when it comes to Same Sex Marriage it is different:

The State of Massachusetts can legalize same sex marriage and every 'LGBT' person can flock to 'Bay State' and get married.

Don't get me wrong this is not a homophobic idea. I believe that in the 10th Amendment - states rights. If through an election the constitution of that state votes to legalize it, then you need to listen to the people. 

In my opinion the people in Massachusetts should be the only ones who can enjoy that right. 

You shouldn't be able to "access gay marriage across state lines"
You shouldn't have one rule for Health Care and another for Same Sex Marriage!
you may call it crude or harsh, for me it's only about fairness. 

Access to Healthcare, nationwide will lower costs as competition always lowers prices and increases opportunuity. 

Obama is (supposedly) interested in lowering Health Care premiums. The idea of restricting people when it comes to their health; but not on gay marriage is deplorable in today's age.

People of all backgrounds should be lobbying for equal rights on this. 

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