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Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill once commented:
“Everybody is in favour of free speech.
Hardly a day passes without its being extolled,
but some people's idea of it is that
they are free to say what they like,
but if anyone says anything back,
that is an outrage."
Ironic that anyone who labels a critique on Barack Obama is classed as some hateful person. Can I be blamed for the fact that Obama is thin skinned? 
Sir Winston warned us of this problem and it is amazing that a liberal media and President are so intolerant of differing views. Aren't progressives supposed to be pluralistic in their outlook? 

60 Minutes hearts Obama 
The elders of our generation were brought up around what Fox News currently is a champion of; fair and balanced news reporting, with a concept of allowing the viewers to decide. At the moment all we are getting is nonsense talking points from the mainstream media (MSM) which is slanted so far to the left that even Joe Lieberman would turn away.

The MSM gave up the mantra of neutrality with zeal in order to help elect a community organizing,  freshman Senator from Illinois. Their prejudice was so overt, that they didn't even care about journalistic standards.
Van Jones

CNN - Morgan hearts Obama
From a ‘tingle up my spine’, to ignoring associations like Jeremiah Wright & Bill Ayers, not quizzing Obama on his record or lack thereof, all the way to not even questioning him about why his wife thought America was a 'downright mean country'. Can you imagine if Cindy McCain would've got up and said that about America? It would've been all over the press for weeks; with Michelle Obama it was silence from the gang!

With a massive spending program pushed through Congress to ‘stimulate’ the economy, a huge intervention from government with mortgage rates, bank bailouts and then seeing a colossal Health Care overreach in the name of ‘ObamaCare’ being shoved down everyone’s throats was hard on its own. 
The fact that the MSM outlets weren't calling the administration out on any of it, only acted to exasperated the issue and incited the American people to action. This formed the foundations of what is now recognized as the Tea Party Movement.
CNN - Soledad hearts Obama

Instead of realizing after the well attended rallies and demonstrations throughout the country that things had to change, the MSM double downed on their pure distaste for dissenting voices and dismissed them by labeling them all sorts of things from: ‘tea baggers’ to ‘racists’ all the way to ‘extremists’ - Heck, whenever there is a shooting they would blame a conservative or a tea party member, rather than the actual villain.

When the Tea Party ushered in a victory for the GOP in the House of Representatives in 2010, the MSM didn't do much needed soul searching; they attacked the new Congress in anyway possible. They continued to assist with Obama and his agenda and gave no notice to the fact that there was a true grassroots organisation which was changing the face of America.

Time and time again the MSM focused on the messenger, not the story. Some of the more fundamental instances include:

• When the ACORN scandal broke out, it was exposed, not by CNN or the usual suspects but by www.biggovernment.com, a website. The MSM ridiculed the website and didn't focus on the fraud until later on.

• When Anthony Weiner was caught taking lewd pictures and posting it on his Twitter page, it was Andrew Breitbart, not NBC doing the leg work. In that case, the MSM defended Weiner and attacked Breitbart without doing due diligence and checking the story.

• Sean Hannity unearthed Jeremiah Wright - MSNBC ignored it.

• Glenn Beck disclosed Van Jones to be an ardent communist who believed that Bush carried out 9/11 -  The media declared war on Beck and Obama continued to hire Jones.
The Tea Party

• It was the ‘ blogger-sphere’ which disclosed how Dan Rather was lying about George Bush in 2004.

• Matt Drudge was the crucial outlet accurately reporting on the Clinton affair(s). The MSM focused on ridiculing Drudge, not covering the story.

The list goes on and on…..All of the above was uncovered by the ‘new media’ which was driven by the fact that the media wasn't doing its job properly.

So I say, thank you to all and sundry at MSNBC, NBC, CNN and the print media for drilling the final nail in your own coffin and ushering in the rise of the ‘new media’ which is changing America has we know it.

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