Sunday, 6 January 2013


The Obama apology tour Part II......

The below video is astounding and another indictment against the Obama administration. If you still think that Obama is responsible with our money, then you need to watch this report.
America, under his Presidency is heavily in debt and he is spending money as if never will run out. What is fascinating is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (pictured) is authorizing such ludicrous expenditure from her State Department.

When you see what Clinton is spending OUR money on; you can't feel anything but sick when you see folks suffering in New Jersey without basic essentials, following Hurricane Sandy.

This video needs to be sent to everyone. The message needs to be sent to Hillary Clinton that America must never pay to fix any Mosque. Taxpayers money is precious and it needs to be spent wisely, such as to pay down the deficits, not to double down on this world apology tour.

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