Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alex Jones isn't helping the 2nd Amendment!!

Last night Alex Jones (syndicated talk show host, The Alex Jones Show) went on the Piers Morgan Goodnight show to discuss Gun Control and his petition to have Morgan deported from the United States for his views on Guns in America.http://eaunsdo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/piers-morgan-tonight.html

What we saw from Jones, was the most unhelpful television segment I have seen in recent times. The way he conducted himself was akin to how a liberal would, when faced with a tight spot - just scream and attack your opponent. 

It is a shame because during the interview some of the content that came out, was actually compelling from Alex Jones. He was correct in saying that gun crimes has dropped 20% in recent years and there is data to say that concealed and carry laws are effective. However the way in which he shouted, refused to answer any question and pivoted isn't going to help the 2nd Amendment at all. 

Of course has every right to be concerned about the 2nd Amendment and the threat of restrictions posed by the federal government, however he must know that we are in the battlefield of ideas and it is important for conservative minded people to look, sound and appear more legitimate. 

I would respectfully suggest that Jones desist from making an utter fool of himself in future and start helping the 2nd Amendment survive the Obama administration. Some will say that what Alex Jones did was comendable in fighting the establishment and they have every right to do so. But the American people need to be won over on the issues and by ranting and raving on TV, he is putting people off and that must stop.

See the video below:


Bluegeometric said...

Would anyone have paid attention to a docile Alex Jones...of course not...he is mad as hell for many good reasons.

Bluegeometric said...
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