Friday, 28 December 2012


On Meet the Press (MTP) this week (12/23), the NRA & Gun Control and the Fiscal Cliff were on the agenda.
Sen, Chuck Shumer (D-NY) was duelling with Lindsay Graham (R-SC) on the issues.
When the talks were moved to the Fiscal Cliff; I was mortified when Senator Schumer said this:

"DAVID GREGORY Meet the Press Host:

Gentlemen, I know we could talk about this indefinitely. But I want to move on. I've only got a few minutes left. I want to get to another seemingly intractable debate. And that's the fiscal cliff. Because Congress has left town, and there's no deal here. So Senator Schumer, the President's now proposing a smaller deal. Are we going to avoid the fiscal cliff by the first of the year or not?


Well, I hope so. You know, if you look at the final positions last Monday of both the president and Speaker Boehner, they were this close, they were this close to a solution. The president was about $200 billion higher on revenues. Speaker Boehner, $200 billion higher on spending cuts.

Out of a $4 trillion budget, that doesn't seem insurmountable. So I hope they would keep talking. And my one bit of advice to Speaker Boehner is this: You cannot pass a bill with just Republicans. On a broad thing like this, you need both. And he has put himself with Plan B in sort of an impossible position. He has to get these hard right guys to go along with him.

If he were to say, and the president were to say, "We're going to pass a bill with a majority of Democrats and a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate," we could get a mainstream bill. Now, I know he's worried about his speakership. But what I've found in my 37 years in as a legislator is that when you show leadership, when you show real direction and courage, even people who disagree with you will vote for you for speaker. So I would urge Speaker Boehner to abandon this Plan B strategy and work on a bipartisan solution."

The statement from Schumer was unreal. Here is there same guy who had no problem with ramming through ObamaCare with no Republicans, but is lecturing the GOP on the importance of bipartisan legislation.

What annoyed me was that David Gregory let it pass completely. MTP prides itself on getting answers from the current political leaders. Former anchor, Tim Russert was notorious for challenging his guests and would bring up a quote or an article and ensure that the person wasn't misleading or dodging the question.
If Gregory had any journalistic standards, or cared about the Russert legacy, then he would've asked Schumer if HealthCare is less important than the Fiscal Cliff? if it isn't, then why the double standard here with your preaching to the GOP about the need for bipartisanship. Trust me, Schumer wouldn't have had a clue what to answer.

If that question would've been asked, then viewers would've seen through the talk from Schumer. On average 4 million viewers each week, drop into watch MTP. If they would've seen that answer from Gregory, then America would've been better off.

The corruption in the media lives on.

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