Friday, 9 November 2012


The election is over. Obama won; America lost (in my opinion).

The Romney campaign was well drilled and exceeded expectations, but as a commentator put it America had a choice of free stuff or freedom; they stuff.

I will not go into specifics of this election because no one really cares but put it simply, the nation is divided down the middle. Obama got his people to the polls in their millions - Romney, amazingly fell short. The 'get out the vote drive' for Obama was similar to what Bush43 managed to do in '04. Certain people underestimated that, including me. 
I didn't think that a negative campaign, with no solutions to the dire state of the union with mass class warfare is what America wanted. It appears that the America that we all knew, is no longer.

This election was huge and has dire consequences.

·    ObamaCare is now law and will NEVER be repealed. It will never be replaced either. Can you imagine anyone repealing an entitlement? Look at how contentious the issues is of Social Security. The Supreme Court said it was constitutional as a tax increase so that means when it comes into force,the American people are facing the biggest tax increase in history and not just for the top 1%. 
    The Bush/Obama tax cuts: come the beginning of the year, every America, not just the top 1% will pay more. That includes Capital Gains by the way. Notice how Wall Street responded to the Obama win.Blip or the norm?

    The jobs market is a real concern; along with the debt and deficit makes things look dire.The Obama track record is shocking with consecutive $trillion + deficits and hyper regulation. 

Those are things to take home after Tuesday night.The choice was as clear as it has every been but America lost.

The American people may rue the day where they decided to toss logic and common-sense out for the sake of a sugar high. Those who have a "sugar high" will lose it very suddenly which can cause headaches when it is gone. The Obama supporters may feel those effects kicking in at the beginning of 2013.

Going forward - it is now clearer than ever that the GOP has a real Hispanic problem. Whether you think it is fair or not; the GOP have been terrible with the Hispanic vote since 2004.

Answer: Amnesty? Heck no.

What the GOP needs to do, is start a mass voter registration drive/outreach to Hispanic leaders and communities. They are conservative, religious and for the rule of the law. However they haven't been hearing the truth. Just like Obama was telling the people the "truth" about Romney and Bain, so to must we have some out their talking about why conservatism is essential. 
Having a Rubio or a Martinez on a ticket will help but it is much more important than that. 
We must say whilst we are against illegal immigration; we are not going to deport millions of people from their homes; nor are we are going round them up and throw them back over the border. We have to work on two essential issues:

  1.            Erect a security fence along the border of Mexico
  2.            Streamline legal immigration.

At the same time, we need to tell folks about what we have in common. We need to explain to them that whilst we are not going to round you up, we do need to have a fence for national security reason to save lives and improve your job. Lowering taxes and giving you more take home pay will also come from that policy. 
Right now the Hispanic communities haven’t heard from conservatives. They have only heard the talking points from Obama & Co. It is time to take the issue back. 

I sincerely believe that America is at heart a centre-right nation; we just need proper organisation on the ground to do that.
The GOP can learn from Rick Santorum during the Iowa Caucuses in 2008. He didn't have a prayer and was looking out of it on the day of election, but, he managed to pull it off and win. How? He spent months meeting people, meeting churches, small businesses and voters. Politics is local and Santorum mastered that. 
The Santorum idea is what has to happen with Hispanic Americans. The RNC and other leaders need to spend their time on proper outreach and eloquently explain conservatism and why it is important for them. Having that ground game will blunt the negative attacks from the DNC and their demagoguery come election time.

I am not angry at the result, I am optimistic. It will be hard but I believe that it will be Morning in America once again. 

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