Wednesday, 5 September 2012



Speaker after speaker completely trashed Governor Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The chairman of the California Democratic Party likened Paul Ryan to the Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, but later apologised. 
The reference to GOD was removed from their party platform (first time in history) and Obama doesn’t believe that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel.  

The national debt surpassed $16 trillion as the Convention was called to order but nothing was said about that, nor was anything said about the 23 million under or unemployed people in America.

They talk about protecting the ‘middle class’, but fail to mention any ideas to improve lives and create jobs. 
Attack was the theme of the night, the convention and for the rest of the campaign.   
From what it sounds like, Romney would appear to be the incumbent and Obama the challenger. 
No word on the fact that Obama had 24 months of a super majority in both houses in Congress and heralded the worst post recession recovery in modern times.

The most hilarious speech from last night was from San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro. Clearly they think he is the man for destined for the Oval Office in 2016, 2020 and beyond. The problem is that when you compare him to the GOP keynote speaker, Chris Christie  he looked tame, partisan and out of touch. Whilst Christie spoke about a solution to the gridlock in Washington; Castro spoke about the need to give Obama a clear hand to complete his work. He was purely delusional and is the rest of the Democratic Party. Castro said: 

"Despite incredible odds and united Republican opposition our president took action. And now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs."      
  • Between 2008 and 2010, there wasn’t any opposition. This is slowest recovery in history. 
  • The ‘jobs’ data that he spewed has been generally refuted by almost everyone.

Kathleen Sebelius HHS Secretary didn’t read the Romney-Ryan Medicare plan. She also never read the 'ObamaCare' legislation but that didn’t stop her from saying this:
"So instead of the Medicare guarantee, Republicans would give seniors a voucher that limits what's covered."
If she read it, she would’ve known that what she said was a load of rubbish.  

Harry Reid talked about Romney not disclosing his taxes and his offshore bank accounts. He was joined by Ted Strickland and Lily Ledbetter in that charge.

All of the above was in accordance with their campaign slogan, ‘FORWARD’.

Knowing that they haven’t a record to run on; they decided to double down on supporting ‘ObamaCare’. Isn’t it amazing that they did, considering they received a ‘shellacking’ the last time they endorsed such an idea near an election?

Michelle Obama also spoke last night. 
It is amazing what the media have done to her. In 2008, she called America a “downright mean nation” and was called a liability by all and sundry. So, Axelrod and Plouffe demoted her to being a ‘yummy mummy’ fitness guru; and now she is tremendously popular with the Democratic base. 
Nevertheless, she did speak well last night but the problem with her speech was that it wasn’t in tune with the facts on the ground.

The speech she gave, was great for a person aspiring to get a job, not an incumbent President seeking re-election. 
 We all know who Obama is; we've been told time and time again. We all know what he has done to the economy and how he has run his White House and now re-election campaign.
The media and liberals have hyped her speech but it doesn’t change the state of the election, which is $16,000,000,000,000+in debt and 8.3% unemployment.

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