Thursday, 23 August 2012


President Bill Clinton, will be giving the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on  Sept. 5.
This is quite a startling choice by the Obama-Chicago machine. By asking Clinton to speak at such a spot at the convention, it begs the question about why is the Obama campaign slogan called FORWARD??
The GOP have asked New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie to give the keynote address, but he is an up and coming star; Clinton, however, is old news and has a past which would make Newt Gingrich a star of family values.
The Romney camp can actually make some inroads to the choice of Clinton as speaker. The Democrats are favoured massively ahead of Republicans, when it comes to women voters. However, just as John Kerry touted his military experience back in 2004 and gifted that issue to Bush 43; Romney has an opening here to dramatically change the political landscape.
The Democrats believe that the GOP and more  notably Mitt Romney are out to get women. Let’s just take a look at who has done the most to actually hurt women. Not rhetorically, not by spewing talking points, but through actual deeds. As George Washington once said:

“Wherein you reprove another be unblameable yourself; for example is more prevalent than Precepts.

Herein let us bring William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton to the stand. Would you say a man who:

  • Had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, then lied under oath and was then impeached.
  • Was alleged to have had a ‘sexual encounter’ with Gennifer Flowers which he originally denied but later confessed in a deposition.  
  • Who was sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment, which resulted in him paying Jones $850,000 in an out of court settlement.

Is in any way, shape or form able to say that he can protect women? Women should run a mile when they hear of him and what he has done.
Romney would be wise to remind every voter about what Clinton has done and also shame President Obama for giving such an illustrious time slot, to a real bigot of a man. When Clinton tries to demonise Romney and the GOP at the convention, it would be wise to remember that Clinton has physically done much worse, than whatever the GOP has alleged to have done.
Politically, when Clinton speaks at the convention; I believe it will hurt Obama. Everyone remembers the days when Clinton knew how to compromise and was able to get big things done with the Republican Party. History essentially repeated itself back in 2010 with the Tea Party landslide; but Obama did the antithesis of Clinton and decided to accomplish nothing and become the ‘lame duck in-chief’.
They will look at Obama and ask why you couldn’t have done the same as Clinton.

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