Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Do Sweden have a human rights problem?

Well according to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, Yes.

‘WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange (right) is accused of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion in Sweden and is currently fighting extradition back to that country. Assange has applied for political asylum at Ecuador's embassy in London.
Ecuador have consented, saying there are fears his human rights might be violated if he is extradited.

Well to be honest...what a load of bull.

Do you seriously believe that Sweden has a human rights problem? Come on! 

Countries like Iran, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia have serious human rights issues. You don't see our government issuing warnings against travelling to Sweden!

When you look at the situation more deeply, you will note that President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa is hateful individual with serious communistic ties to Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Ahmadinejad. With respect to the former, he reportedly said:

 "there is really no one that is a more admiring Hugo Chavez fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally, I think he is a great politician."

Furthermore the U.S. Department of State issued a 2009 Human Rights Report on Ecuador where they reported as follows:


 “Isolated unlawful killings and use of excessive force by security forces, sometimes with impunity; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; corruption and other abuses by security forces; a high number of pre-trial detainees; and corruption and denial of due process within the judicial system. President Correa and his administration continued verbal and legal attacks against the independent media. Societal problems continued, including violence against women; discrimination against women, indigenous persons, Afro-Ecuadorians, and persons based on their sexual orientation; trafficking in persons and sexual exploitation of minors; and child labour; despite constitutional provisions and some positive governmental steps on these issues.
So who has the Human Rights problem now????

The whole Assange debacle is reported to have left British taxpayers to foot the £1million tab.

That really annoys me but even more is that Ecuador are proving that David Cameron is a weak leader. People should be made to think twice about taking on Britain, but when it comes to Cameron, there isn’t that fear factor.

I am not suggesting that we raid the embassy,  nor am I saying that we abandon our principles and cower to fascist, evil thugs like Correa. My suggestion is that David Cameron demands that Assange has 48 hours to get the hell out of Britain; unimpeded and off to the beacon of equality and human rights which is the land of Ecuador. 

Let the Swedish deal with this, not Britain. 

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Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know that corruption is as prevalent in Sweden as in all other countries, you should duckduckgo for Egyptians handed over to CIA by Sweden. And you will learn for yourself that the same could very easily happen to Assange.
I'm posing this as anon as I am afraid of ending up on some watchlist... Clinching the fist on my pocket...