Friday, 3 August 2012


In 2008 it was Change, Change and more Change. Opponents of Barack Obama almost daily until the convention insisted that he be more specific with what change really meant. Until his date with the artificial coliseum and his DNC speech, he offered little on substance but oozed everything out of the populist slogan.

Critics of Obama were worried, that while he was onto a winning idea, the folks needed to hear some actual ideas being put forward otherwise the voters will be put off.

Then on that fateful night in Denver, he said:

“So let me spell out exactly what that change would mean if I am president”.

That was the winning slogan, all the American people needed to hear was those 15 words.

In 2008, Obama was onto a winning message. In 2012, Mitt Romney has the winning one.

Since, Obama cannot run on his record, (if he could, he would) he had to create a niche to make his campaign relevant. After slandering his opponent with all sorts of charges from outsourcing, to being a felon. Now he is going for economic justice aka class warfare. To quote from his website he says:  

President Obama proposed the Buffett Rule, asking millionaires and billionaires to do their fair share. But if you're one of the 98 percent of American families who make under $250,000 a year, your taxes won’t go up.

The only problem is that a survey taken by Gallup (see below) asked voters about the importance of increasing taxes on the wealthy and it polled DEAD LAST at 21%. In contrast, creating good jobs came top of the list with 48%. Lowering the federal budget deficit coming in 3rd with 44%.


That is good news for Governor Romney as his whole candidacy is based around his experience within the private sector (Bain Capital) and creating jobs.

 So to all the pundits and folks who insist on Romney being more specific with how he will create jobs; I would say that patience is a virtue; he is onto a winner here and his speech at the convention at the end of this month will allay all fears about the specifics. 

Unless there is a terrorist attack on US soil, the focus will be about a