Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I have said this before and will say it again; the British Media; led by Sky News, BBC and the newspaper publications, have already called the US election for Barack Obama and are not interested in objectivity.
I would go as far to say that if Europe would be able to vote in November, Obama would win by a landslide. That tells me two things:
a) thank heavens that Europe cannot vote in America and b) Obama is more like a European politician, than a traditional American President (I won’t get into that now).

The way in which British Prime Minister David Cameron was fawning over President Obama on his last state visit to the ‘land of the free’, tells you everything you need to know about the man, which certainly wasn’t brave.
He refused to preach to the American President about the importance of austerity in these difficult times, he didn’t visit any Republican candidate for President (most likely at the request of Obama) and was more interested in dining with the Hollywood Elite than sitting down with serious policy shakers that may help him in his country.

Either he is enjoying the limelight as Prime Minister and is partially star struck by seeing the likes Angelina Jolie (many guys would be by the way) and Susan Sarandon(less so), or, he is just simply oblivious to his open love for the 44th President, which is making him look a fool.
While Blair was ridiculed for his apparent love affair with George W. Bush, at least they were singing from the same hymn sheet with respect to the War on Terror. I am not certain what the Obama-Cameron relationship is based upon.

Either way Cameron has a lot to answer for back at home.
If he believed in his austerity plan as much as he says in the House of Commons, then why wouldn’t he call out Obama for his reckless spending habits. Obama is on track to have added so much debt to his country, that by the end of his first term, he will have added as much debt as all the prior presidents of this country combined!

For the last year, we have heard all about Greece and the Euro Zone meltdown, where Cameron, in fact walked away from a proposed bailout package purely on principle. Yet he see’s Obama and his spending and debt record in the US and doesn’t say a word.

What on earth is going here??

Cameron and his Chancellor (Osborne) got his latest budget all wrong last week.

Yes, the 50p tax rate needed to go and they need to curb their spending habits, but why on earth did he feel that he shouldn’t provide relief for everyone else?
Surely, the philosophy of supply-side economics (originally known as the 'Laffer-Curve') is the blueprint for economic success? Supply-side advocates of tax cuts claimed that lower tax rates would generate more tax revenue. So why continue with 20% VAT which affects every taxpayer, why increase the price of a first class stamp, why not lower income tax rates across the board, why not lower fuel duty, why not slash tax rates for businesses which will get them hiring again and flood more people onto the system and eligible to pay tax.
Instead all he talks about are closing loopholes for millionaires and offshore companies. The best way to deal with ‘loopholes’ is to make paying tax far easier than avoiding it. You can do that by having a far simpler system, based on the ‘supply-side’ model.

If Cameron has any sense, he would distance himself for the mainstream media in the UK, refrain from fawning over the Obama family and focus on standing up for his core convictions (if he has any).

The only thing that is stopping a full scale backlash against Cameron is the laughable Labour shadow cabinet, led by Ed Milliband and Ed Balls. Funded and dictated by the Unions, they aren’t perceived as a serious alternative and are still blamed for the economic mess. I won’t mention the Liberal Democrats, as they are becoming increasing inconsequential with each passing day.

The UK electorate, whilst they understand that the policies of the last Labour Government almost drove Britain into bankruptcy, won’t sit around and wait for this Cameron economic plan forever. Politics is a results business, If Cameron doesn’t start showing some meaningful growth and a serious change of the economic tide, then he will end up more like Gordon Brown than Winston Churchill.

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