Wednesday, 8 February 2012


A stunning win for Rick Santorum!!

He won big in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota sweeping all the states and in the process knocked the “inevitability” image of the Romney campaign.

Santorum, due to lack of funds, organisation and media hype is picking and choosing his state’s carefully. Knowing he couldn’t compete in Florida, he didn’t contest seriously and focused in more 'fertile' ground. This worked to a devastating effect last night.

Whilst Newt has gone against Romney for all sorts of trivial issues, such as Bain and SuperPACS; Santorum has focused solely on issues. For example in recent debates, he has questioned ‘RomneyCare’ (Romney’s HealthCare law he created in Massachusetts when he was Governor) like a lawyer. He completely discredited him and really was able to create this contrast between himself and Romney. That is what the voters want. They want to focus on issues, not Mainstream Media trivial garbage.

For Romney,
he continues to have serious problems. He has run a seriously negative campaign and voters are turning off him as a result. Yes, he won Florida & Nevada but his ‘scorch the earth’ policy is resulting in his numbers diving nationally. He needs to focus on serious issues and come up with something new, otherwise his slide could become irreversible.

In a hypothetical match up with President Obama, Romney is losing....bad! A recent Rasmussen Reports Survey indicates that Santorum is in an statistical tie with the President. Gingrich is down by 3% with Romney down by 4%.

This has thrown the nomination battle wide open. Personally, it wasn’t ever ‘closed’ for me as there are a series of unanswered questions. Such as:

Which candidate will win the Conservative vote?

Will people warm to Romney, if he is the nominee?

What effect will the Tea Party have?

Will the Independent’s vote for Santorum or Gingrich?

I don’t think that any of these questions were answered last night. All it has done is cause mayhem around the ‘talking heads’ in the Mainstream Media.

What we are seeing is the battle lines being drawn for the final stages of this nomination. Santorum is turning into the alternative to Romney. Newt has the media spotlight around him, but when it comes to the Conservative message Santorum has lived, breathed and drank the Kool-Aid. The fight between Santorum & Gingrich will become more essential in the lead up to Super Tuesday.

I fear that until these questions are answered, this nomination fight will continue on for the foreseeable future. The Romney campaign may want it to end sooner rather than later but the voters have other ideas.

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