Sunday, 22 January 2012


Newt Gingrich won big in South Carolina. 40% to 28% against Mitt Romney! This is a remarkable turnaround from a week ago where Romney was winning by 12% in most polls. What is more exciting for Newt is that Santorum finished far behind in 3rd place 17% and is diminishing as a force in this primary.

Newt has a few people to thank for this win:

1- ABC News – that terrible interview with his first ex-wife, Marianne just fanned the flames of hatred of the mainstream media. Newt decried this as old news, responded directly and gave the voters a reason to side with him against the media.

2- John King of CNN (on the right) – by asking in a presidential primary debate about that interview, he gave Gingrich a prime time opportunity to destroy the Media, Obama and all the elites. Newt knocked the question out of the park. The debate was a snooze after that exchange which gave him the upper hand.

3- Sarah Palin – when she talks, people listen. South Carolina flocked to vote for Newt after that CNN debate. She endorsed Nikki Haley for SC Governor when she wasn’t real going anywhere, the minute she endorsed her, her vote share increased dramatically. By Palin semi-endorsing Newt, the undecided voters flocked to his camp and destroyed Mitt.

4- Mitt Romney – why oh why, doesn't he just release his income tax returns? Saying that he will do it April is way too late in the day. Folks think that there is something to hide and by him not doing so, he is creating an unnecessary media firestorm. Obama didn’t produce his Birth Certificate and created a ridiculous hype about the situation. Lord only knows why it took him so long to produce the information as it didn’t help anyone. With Romney following the same path, folks think he is the same as other folks in Washington and they don’t like it one bit. Gingrich was able to capitalise on Mitt’s wobble and show a clear contrast. His poor answer on Bain Capital didn’t help allay fears of this ‘iron curtain’ of secrecy.

These were the contributing factors to his blowout victory last night.

Romney is now at a crossroads here, he needs damage control and fast. Gingrich is able to create this narrative about Mitt and at the moment he hasn’t a clue how to respond. Mitt needs to do two things ASAP.

1- Release all his income tax returns from the last 10 years. Then call a national televised press conference a day later, to answer any and all questions about these returns. If there is nothing to hide, then what’s the problem? He will then be able to look like a capitalist again where he can defend that the fact that he was (is) successful.

2- Talk about Bain length. Explain each major issue and what were the determining factors during his tenure. Again, if he didn't do anything wrong, or immoral, show the people your capitalistic tendencies at work.

Right now, these two issues are killing him. He is solid at the moment but isn’t gaining at all amongst any voters. He lost by 12% last night and considering that he was leading by 12% 5 days ago, shows that he got 'owned' in South Carolina.
If he doesn’t wise up and sharpen his image, then he is in serious trouble. he has money and organisation, but if you don't have a clear message, then all hope is lost.

If Newt wins Florida on Tuesday 31st January, then Mitt is in serious trouble.

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