Thursday, 24 November 2011


A large number of folks say to me "this is a weak GOP field. The proof is in the pudding and the fact that certain people aren’t running is proof that Obama is unbeatable ".

Well let’s analyse that for a second.
Who could’ve run but hasn’t and why?

Governor Chris Christie

Christie was never going run. He has and always said that his job for now is Governor of New Jersey. Yes, he would be a phenomenal candidate and future President, but when you say that you’re not ready, you have to trust your instinct. I know a lot of people who were upset that someone applied tremendous pressure on Christie to run, primarily because they though he would be the best for the job, however in my eyes, he has a lot to learn and to prove in New Jersey. You also have to assess the terrain before running for President. He is a straight talking, no nonsense, hard nosed, fiscal conservative and wildly popular amongst Reagan Republicans. To run for President you have to be certain that you are ready for everything that comes your way. Just ask Teddy Kennedy when he was asked in 1979 why he wanted to be President His voice staggered and stammered. Words failed him and it was clear he had no plausible reason to be running for the office. In a sense Christie is an old fashioned kind of guy; he wanted to make sure of his ground rather than jumping into the race unprepared alas Rick Perry.

Governor Sarah Palin

She’s a smart women and she would’ve know that her ‘unfavourable’ ratings are rather large at the moment. Since, 2008, she has increased her popularity within the Tea Party and the Conservative voters by endorsing candidates throughout the country and shaping the debate.
However, she is wildly unpopular with the moderates and Independents.
What she needs to do is show the American people that she can carry out an effective job. When she quit as Governor of Alaska, she basically created a rod for her own back. Ideally, she should look at Hillary Clinton. She has raised her standing through being a Senator and then Secretary of State, now she is looked at as the alternative to Obama. If Palin can show the American people that she can hold onto a job and is effective at it, then she will improve her image amongst moderates and independents and be a formidable force in 2016 and beyond. If she stays out of a job, she will only look more isolated and become a fringe candidate.

Governor Mike Huckabee

He is the one who I was surprised that didn’t run. Like Romney, he suffered with name recognition in 2008. What he did was stay in the race and statistically came 2nd in the nomination process. Romney dropped out much earlier and looked the better for saying he would stand with, the then, presumptive nominee, John McCain.
He did win 8 primaries in 2008 but people never took him seriously as I don't recall people saying at the end of the primary or in the lead up to 2012: “ah shucks, I am sorry that Huckabee isn’t involved”. He’s a likeable guy and a man of morals as a former Baptist minister, but he lacked the gravitas and authoritative rhetoric to excite the voters.
I think he is very happy doing his Fox News Show and other speaking engagements. Increasing his name recognition and wallet in the process.

Donald Trump

What do you say about this man? I agree with a lot that he says but the man is in showbiz. His pursuit of the Obama Birth Certificate was commendable and also was a massive publicity event, probably for his own TV show ‘The Apprentice’. He is also majorly egotistical and if would’ve lost the Primary or in fact the General Election it would’ve done irrevocable damage to the ‘Trump’ brand. People like that are only in it for themselves and his calling in political life surely would be the inner council on economic policy or something like that. To be Treasury Secretary would be too restrictive for him and he would have to forgo a lot of his day to day work.

Gov. Mitch Daniels

A sitting governor for the state of Indiana, he is a fiscal Conservative. He would ensure that the deficit and cutting spending would be a cornerstone of the 2012 election. A former Bush White House budget chief, had one obstacle against running for the nomination; His Wife. He cited (against his reasons for not running) that "The interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all. I understand that running for high office throws you and your family into lion’s den but you have to really want to be President to go through all of that. If Mitch wanted that much to be the nominee he would have convinced his wife. now he is in the same camp as Colin Powell.

I don't believe for one second that this is a weak GOP field. It is a stronger field than in 2008 when we really had no preference on who the candidate would be. Essentially we have more options to choose from:

Romney and Herman Cain are angling from the business sector experience.

Gingrich, Bachman & Paul are espousing their experience in the Congress.

Santorum is touting his Social Conservative record.

Huntsman and Perry are using their gubernatorial record.

So I am far from concerned, I am excited with the field (except Ron Paul) and am looking forward to seeing how this race ends up.

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