Monday, 21 November 2011


He‘s a Republican, libertarian, congressman for Texas and he’s been polling between 3-9% on average this 2012 GOP primary cycle...

His name: Ron Paul

The flagship policy of the ‘Paul for 2012’ Campaign has been the calling for auditing the Federal Reserve (The Fed). He has been relentless in his attacks against the current chairman, Ben Bernanke and his predecessor, Alan Greenspan. Due to his persistence, we now have an open consensus from the current GOP 2012 field for the auditing of the (The Fed) and the firing of Bernanke.

That a great result indeed for the gynaecologist.


I slightly disagree with this quote from Newt Gingrich:

“Every one of these candidates (GOP 2012) will be a massive improvement from Obama, who scares us each and every single day”.

I don't think that Ron Paul should be included in that list, in part due to the fact that he is a classic isolationist and irrational.
I have major issues with people like Paul and his followers. ‘Screw the rest of the world; we need to focus on our own storefront’. That is all well and good, but in today's day and age, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and always mind your surroundings.

China and India are working everyday to improve their competitiveness, Iran is looking to destroy Israel and the West and the Muslim Brotherhood are spreading Sharia Law and ethnic cleansing fast; not to mention a bullish Russia looking to impose themselves on the world once again and the pending collapse of the European Union. With all of that going on, you would want to have someone that knows a thing or two about dealing with these issues, as it is for sure going to impact the USA. Yet, Ron Paul would stop foreign aid, stay out of conflicts throughout the world and end any foreign operations or assistance. All under the guise, that if we stay out of their business, they aren’t gonna hate us that much.
That is akin to the foreign policy in 1990’s under Bill Clinton, which was a precursor to 9/11.
Additionally, Ron Paul would have you believe that America, not Radical Islam is the reason why 9/11 happened. Paul would have you sit through a lecture on the constitution rather than fight for our existence against Al-Qaeda. Maybe I should give a lecture to Paul Ron Paul and his cult about Islam and the Caliphate.

For sure, he is not the best candidate around, nor does he have a good chance of being the nominee; so why are people sticking with him? Answer, people like the idea of living in a utopia.

The 'Paul' gang would love to be in a place where there is no terrorism, foreign aggression or nuclear weapons, where there are no existential threats to humanity and that everyone just needs to be left to their own devices and harmony will spread throughout our world. The problem with that is, there is a ‘real and constant’ threat that needs to be met, come what may. President Paul would lead America to the edge of the precipice, with his narrow-minded, impractical, out of touch rhetoric to foreign affairs.

My biggest concern is that he may well be the reason for ushering in Obama for a second term. Though he may deny it, his followers are desperate for a 3rd party run and are doing everything they can to create an opening for that to be the case.

I asked one Paul supporter whether they would support Romney over Obama and he said: “there is no lesser evil, both will kill this country.”

Surely Ron Paul knows that spending,entitlements,regulation,taxes,cutting government waste & a balanced budget will not happen unless Obama is defeated.
A normal movement that cares about the country would look at the bigger picture here and support the nominee to defeat Obama. I can say for certain that the nominee will NOT be Ron Paul.

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