Wednesday, 6 April 2011


So the election of 2012 has officially begun....President Barack Obama posted a video on the internet which declared his intention on seeking re-election in November 2012.

Look, it’s no surprise that he is running for a second term, but to do so at the sharp end of a potential Government Shutdown??? What abysmal timing!!!!

The GOP in the House of Representatives are proposing to cut $61 billion dollars from a $3 Trillion dollar budget to keep the Government operational. As you would expect Obama doesn't like that and is insisting that the Democrats in the Senate, lead by Harry Reid, (Nevada) stand firm and resist the cuts to his ‘holy socialised’, union run, ‘pork barrelled’, ‘anti business’ budget. A government shutdown is avoidable but it will most likely happen this Friday or, if not, a few weeks from now. This will consequently highlight Obama’s lack of leadership and his chronic inability to find common ground with the GOP on such a small percentage of the budget.
This I believe will set the tone for the election of 2012 in America. Obama hasn’t changed the way Washington does business. He is perceived as weak, in bed with Unions, Special Interests, 60’s Radicals and Anti Semites.

I hope that Obama's advisors continue what they're doing. The re-election announcement had ZERO thought to the current situation whatsoever. I highly doubt his campaign, regardless of the billions shovelled from Soros, SEIU and other Anti-Capitalist organisations; will be as thoughtful in the coming 20 months.

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