Wednesday, 30 March 2011


“In just one month, the United States has worked with our international partners to mobilize a broad coalition, secure an international mandate to protect civilians, stop an advancing army, prevent a massacre, and establish a no-fly zone with our allies and partners”.

Remarks by President Barack Obama in Address to the Nation on Libya at the National Defence University, Washington, D.C. March 28, 2011

Note the words “prevent a massacre” in an excerpt of that speech.

Is that the Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine? Is that what guides his moral compass when it comes to making decisions, such as Libya?

If I was in a room and could ask Obama any question it would be: ‘what about Darfur? Is there no massacre going on there?’
"Self-defence militias" ordered by Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, ride into villages on horses and camels, slaughter men, rape women and steal whatever they could find. According to estimates 300,000 people have died since 2007 and an estimated 2.7m people have left since the conflict began.

Mr President, surely, based on your mission statement of preventing a massacre in Libya, you should be deploying the same to the Sudan?

What about China?
Human rights groups have documented an increasing number of arrests of Chinese Christians since the beginning of 2004. According to the charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide, persecution is becoming more systematic and targeted at large-scale Christian gatherings. Since June the charity has documented three mass arrests of unregistered Christians. In each case more than 100 people were detained. Amnesty International has reported many cases of detained church leaders in recent years, especially in the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hebei.
One of the most high-profile cases is that of Gong Shengliang, head of the South China Church, who was sentenced to death in 2001. His sentence was commuted to a prison term, but Amnesty has received reports that he has been severely tortured in jail.
In August three Christians were sentenced to jail terms for passing information to foreign governments, and in July state media reported that a woman had been beaten to death after being arrested for handing out bibles.
"They hung me up across an iron gate, then they yanked open the gate and my whole body lifted until my chest nearly split in two. I hung like that for four hours."
That is how Peter Xu Yongze, the founder of one of the largest religious movements in China, described his treatment during one of five jail sentences on account of his belief in Christianity.

Surely Mr President you would considering this a form of a massacre against Christians? Surely you believe that restrictions of the right to worship are intolerable and needs to be ceased by any means at your vast disposal.

If I maybe so forward, Mr President, I don't think for one minute that you believe what you are saying about Libya. I believe that you wouldn’t mind if Libya continued under Muammar Gaddafi. Louis Farrakhan who is the Nation of Islam Leader and an unrepentant Anti Semite, who also happens to be the best buddy of Obama’s spiritual advisor of 20 years, Reverend. Jeremiah Wright, said to Obama “Don’t let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world”. “Because they don’t want a Black face in the White House”. Furthermore, it is well known that three women have literary persuaded Obama to get involved with Libya. They are:
Hillary Clinton - US. Secretary of State
Stephanie Powers - White House consultant, and
Susan Rice – US ambassador to United Nations.

I think that if Obama really believed what he was saying about Libya and the mission, he would have said that the objective was to remove Gaddafi. Surely that is what is necessary to stop the bloodshed.

What is happening now in world politics is that the American people are fighting a war to save European oil wells in Libya - Have a look at the picture below which tells its own story.

Horrified of their oil and the ensuing chaos with further increased prices at the pump in a deep recession in their countries, British Prime Minister David Cameron and French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy are running the table in spite of Obama. Consequently this makes Obama come across as weak in the eyes of Clinton, Powers and Rice, hence his intervention into the issue of Libya.

The President should stand up right now and proclaim that Gaddafi must be removed from power without delay; he should deploy the full resources of the American government to topple his brutal dictatorship by any means necessary. Until he does that this mission in Libya looks pathetic and will certainly go on and on for some time.

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