Monday, 21 February 2011

Jewish-Nazi Collaborator George Soros

Billionaire, George Soros smeared Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch Sunday in a CNN interview, likening them to Nazis or the fictitious “Big Brother” of George Orwell for what he described as manipulation of the public. He also suggested that the tea party movement was deluded and should be pitied because they don’t "understand" the economic forces at work in the United States, according to CNN.

Last year, Soros donated $1 million to the liberal media analysis group Media Matters, which devotes much of its work to attacking Fox News and especially Glenn Beck. For years, the group had denied being secretly funded by Soros, who stressed that this was his first ever donation to the group.

Soros took his shots on Sunday’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN, accusing Murdoch of using Fox News and his media empire to change the direction of government. He reacted to Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck’s assertion that there is a “shadow government” with puppets and puppet masters, and Soros is pulling the strings.

Soros is not a good guy at all. When the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944, George Soros' father was a successful lawyer. He lived on an island in the Danube and liked to commute to work in a rowboat. But knowing there were problems ahead for the Jews, he decided to split his family up. He bought them forged papers and he bribed a government official to take 14-year-old George Soros in and swear that he was his Christian godson. But survival carried a heavy price tag. While hundreds of thousands of
Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews. Have a look at this link to read a transcript of his interview On 60 Minutes!

Soros is a threat to Israel, Jews. I implore you to do your research on this man, check out:
You could also read an excellent book called 'The Shadow Party' by David Horowitz and Richard Poe.

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