Monday, 21 February 2011


Obama Administration on Israel and Palestinian Peace Process:
“We continue to support the vision of the Arab Peace Initiative, a vision of a better future for all the people of the Middle East. This landmark proposal rests on the basic bargain that peace between Israel and her neighbours will bring recognition and normalization from all the Arab states”. “A just and lasting peace will transform the region. Israelis will finally be able to live in security, at peace with their neighbours, and confident in their future. Palestinians will at last have the dignity and justice they deserve with a state of their own and the freedom to chart their own destiny. Across the Middle East, moderates and advocates of peace and coexistence will be strengthened, while old arguments will be drained of their venom and the rejectionists and extremists will be exposed and marginalized”.

Consider that and what has always been the consensus in the eyes of the Obama Administration, EU and UN about the Israel – Palestinian issue. "A just and lasting peace will transform the region". This I assume will also de- radicalise the rest of the Arab World and usher in a new wave of harmony.
Well, President Obama and the rest of the world should stand up and officially renounce the position that the end of the supposed “occupation” of the Palestinian territories and a new Palestinian state will bring peace to an already volatile region.

We have been
seeing in the past few weeks that the people of Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia are all crying out for freedom and an end to authoritarian rule. Whilst we still don't know whether these uprisings will lead to more radicalisation; one thing is for certain, this has got nothing to do with Israel. Anyone that tells you otherwise is utterly misguided.

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