Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I hope that Nick Clegg does not put together a deal with the Labour Party. Many have asked me of my thoughts on the potential deal that was being talked about last night and what effect it would have on the electorate.
The state of mind of the voters is very simple in my view. The ‘flowers and kisses’ policy of the Lib Dem’s, supported by Labour were slapped away on May 6 by the majority of voters.
All the talk of Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, redistribution of wealth of communist like proportions, massive reduction in defence spending and the end of the War on Terror were completely dismissed by the electorate.
Now, some people are saying as follows:
“Well, since there was no out right winner then it’s all up for grabs.” I say no! Have a look at the following tally:

Conservative 306 seats up by97

Labour 258 seats down by 91

Liberal Democrat 57 seats down by 5

Labour and the Liberals clearly lost this election the number of seats show that to be truth. The breakthrough election didn’t happen for Clegg, in addition, Labour were held in about as high regard as UKIP MEP Nigel Farage holds Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the EU. (Just out of interest; Farage said of him as follows: "[Van Rompuy has] all the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk”)

What would a rainbow (Labour/Liberal) coalition mean for Britain? One word…. Chaos! The expense scandal in the last parliament was the final straw, folks have been disengaged for a while now but that treacherous way our elected MP’s behaved completely destroyed the soul of the electorate. A loser’s coalition which is what someone called it this morning would literary kill this country. Genuine law abiding citizens that only want the best will become further disillusioned with politics, the youngsters will lose interest, and retirees will not bother voting. An entire generation could become lost and turnout in coming elections may reach as low 30%.
This morning I had people on the phone literally spitting blood about this potential pact and I don’t blame them.
The reason why a Liberal/Conservative pact wasn’t agreed as early as Sunday is down to one simple thing: Nick Clegg. He has refused to stand firm in front of his 57 fellows MP’s and insist that this is the right thing for the country not party. He has refused to act on his election pledge to work for a new way politics/business is done. In essence he is holding this country to ransom for his baby electoral reform, this in spite of my previous warnings that this country is heading the same way as Greece. Imagine that? One individual is standing in the way of proper reforms taking place because of petulance about the voting system and his blinkered lust for power.
Sounds a lot like Gordon Brown to me. On that note, I would say that Gordon seems to have out done himself once again. Self interest has always been his primary objective and yesterday it was clear for all to see. If it was the last descent thing that he would do as Prime Minister it would have been to refuse to negotiate with Liberal Democrats and force Clegg into joining with Tories or insist that the Tories have a minority government. That would mean that Labour would go into the opposition, Brown would then resign and things can get moving. Instead he announced his resignation and informed us that formal talks had started with Clegg & Co. What kind of message does that send? It has thrown the entire game wide open and forced more delay which is badly affecting the stock market, causing a run on the Pound and damaging vital national interest.
There will be anarchy on the streets if a Lab/Lib government is formed. As a result an election will most likely be called for this autumn as it clearly wouldn’t be sustainable and more chaos will erupt.
I do hope that Clegg can man up, come to an agreement of some sorts with Cameron so this country can start moving forward. Once this is over and Cameron is Prime Minister, I think it would be wise for Nick Clegg to tender his resignation effective immediately. The last few days have awoken the public to what type of man and leader he really is. Good riddance I say!

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