Tuesday, 4 May 2010

anyone but Nick...

Is it just me or is this the most lacklustre “closest” British election ever?
I see 3 people David Cameron, Nick Clegg & Gordon Brown on television courting votes and promising anything and everything, yet not explain what that means and how they're going to achieve them.

I suppose I look at the leadership in a different light following 9/11. Faced with the most trying of circumstances that most people would shirk, you need a sense of courage, pride and unwavering belief in what you stand for. George W. Bush and Mayor Rudy Giuliani had to face that ugly truth following those dark days in September 2001. Since then, I have taken the issue of leadership very seriously.

Over the last few weeks many people have been swept up in the euphoria that is Nick Clegg. Following the 1st ITV leadership debate you would be mistaken in feeling that this was a one horse race. Clegg had a good debate, which says so little about Cameron and Brown. It also says quite a lot about the electorate who actually believe the idea of Clegg with any power may actually be a good thing.

A Clegg government will result in Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, redistribution of wealth of communist like proportions, a massive reduction in defence spending and the end of the War on Terror. All of the above is basically the same as the Labour party under Gordon Brown. Clegg will also adopt the Obama stance on Israel and insist on disarmament and onerous demands on the only democracy in the Middle East. Whilst I am generally concerned about his views on Israel, my one question to anyone who may be thinking about voting for Nick Clegg would be as follows:
In the next parliament, based on the naïve persistence and embarrassing diplomatic collapse of Obama and Brown; Iran and Mahmud Ahmadinejad will have an armed nuclear weapon. Do you feel comfortable knowing that Nick Clegg would be the guy to stare Hitler II in the face and do whatever is necessary to ensure that the weapon is destroyed and no harm is done to Britain?
I for one am terrified of that thought and think it will have disastorus consequences for the UK and the world. Make no mistake we are living in uncertain times, we need clear thinking from our elected leaders, not some wishy washy feel good liberalism.

Don’t get me wrong I have serious reservations about Cameron, like I do with Brown. To me Gordon Brown is now irrelevant and the Labour hierarchy are already planning for life after 10 Downing Street. In a past article I called out Brown for his blatant coup d'état of the Blair premiership and he is now getting his just rewards.

I believe that Britain is in serious trouble; its identity has been robbed by illegal immigration, unchecked power to Brussels, political correctness and lack of pride in her fundamental Judeo-Christian values. It is only a case of when, not if; that this country is consumed by the Debt that the last 13 years of Labour has burdened us with.
People like to quote the line “what happens in Greece stays in Greece”. If Nick Clegg and Labour are able to form a coalition on May 7th, then I sincerely believe that what happened in Greece will certaintly NOT stay in Greece.

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