Monday, 22 February 2010


I believe that the next Vice President of the United States will be Newt Gingrich. To learn more about him go to
He is talking at CPAC that was held last week.
Please watch the video below.


I believe that the next President of the United States will be Mitt Romney. To learn more about him go to
Please watch the video below. He is talking at CPAC that was held last week. He is introduced by the newly elected Senator for Massachusetts, Scott Brown.

Glenn Beck at CPAC

Last week Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). This annual conference is where the best minds of the Conservative Movement come together and share ideas.

Beck is a Fox News Anchor and New York Times Bestselling Author. You can learn more about him on

This speech was one of the most genuine speeches I have heard from anyone involved with politics.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Sugar Free Road Map

It was a shame to hear someone in Washington say that Democrats won’t cut spending and Republicans won’t raise taxes, so the deficit will never come down anytime soon. I find that to be a shame for America. There is a fine line between necessary and unnecessary spending but I believe that taxes need to be as a low as possible all the time to give more business, large or small, as much freedom as possible to prosper. The goal of any government is to ensure that they stay out of the way i.e. lower taxes on every class and not cramp the style of entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s Gates’s and Buffets.

There was and will continue to be, constant debate with regard to Tax vs. Spend. A conservative mind will favour one way and the Liberal/Progressive will think another. The question is how we can make a difference and get the things moving again.

Elections have consequences, same as Life.

I want to lose weight but really like that chocolate cake in the bakery. If I eat the cake, it will be really good, but I know that I will regret it at the end because my weight will inevitably increase, I will crave more of the same and my health will deteriorate. That is what happens with elections. I believe that most “Common Sense” Americans do want to cut spending and have lower taxes but they see a guy like Obama proclaim that he can have his own cake, eat it and guarantee that nobody will get fat after. Take an animated sales pitch and there you have it.
Americans are now in a situation where they are trying to wean themselves off this cake binge and the chef (Obama) is saying that instead of me serving healthier foods, I will serve 2 more cakes but only this time it will be Sugar Free. Sounds attractive but the majority of people are saying enough and are shopping around for a healthier alternative.

Just like what you decide to eat has consequences, so too is who you choose to vote for.

Middle America is starting to wake up from this sugar binge. Folks like Scott Brown, Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell are all showing the way for the people. People want fiscal responsibility, pro-growth economics and lower taxes. The progressive agenda, which Obama ran for and is, striving to govern with, is in deep trouble and the progressive elitists know it. They are now vilifying anyone that is isn’t considered “proper” enough. Take Scott Brown (Republican Senator from Massachusetts) as a case in point; he drove a truck throughout his campaign because that is what regular guys do. Obama ridiculed him at a rally of thousands saying that “anyone can drive a truck”. Why would he say that? Simply, because according to the Obama logic, a normal guy really shouldn’t be in Washington, only a select class (Harvard/Yale Grad) can be allowed in.

The Republican party are mistaken to think that the current apathy towards Obama and his radical agenda will result in a November 2010 landslide. At this rate the Republicans will make “moderate” gains in the Mid-Terms but an opportunity for something so much bigger is open to them. In order for the GOP to take back the House, Senate and then the White House in 2012 then they must promote and fund people like Bob McDonnell and Scott Brown. These people are not Progressives or Liberal Lite, they are common sense, fiscal conservatives.

If the GOP really wants to make America prosper then they must hold dear to the following values (in no particular order):

• Be the party of National Defence
• Be the party of Small Government
• Be the party of Energy Independence
• Be the party of Ronald Regan
• Be the party of Lower Taxes
• Be the party of Controlled Spending
• Be the party of balanced budgets
• Be the party of “I Win, You Lose”
• Be the party of the Constitution
• Be the party of Abraham Lincoln
• Be the party of Honesty and Integrity
• Be the party of Real America

If the GOP holds dear to those principles, come what may, then I assure you that Obama will not only be a “one term president”, the progressive movement will collapse like the Berlin Wall.