Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Life is good for the President. He flies off to Copenhagen with Oprah in Air Force One to plug for the 2016 Olympics for his home state of Chicago. His reward for that bold and energetic move was that Chicago finished dead last in the vote.
Bruised ego or what??
Then cometh the hour cometh the academics. Last Friday Barack Hussein Obama was awoken to the news that 5 academics from Denmark decided as consolation for the Olympic snub, to award Obama the “Nobel” Peace” Prize. The chairman of the Nobel Committee was a person by the name of Thorbjorn Jagland, who happens to be a long-time leader of Socialist International. Socialist helps out Socialist what a surprise. Then the walking Teleprompter gave a mesmerizing speech about the award at the Rose Garden and talked about all his accomplishment for those, oh so productive 11 days of appeasement. What could be better than following in the footsteps of Yasser Arafat, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter???

He must have sat down that evening really pleased with himself and thought that he could do no wrong. However for those living on Planet Earth there are more pressing details that have been left waiting on the Presidents in tray that really matter to the American People.

Why has he completely ignored his commander in Afghanistan about troop levels? Troops are dying, morale is low and we are arguably losing the war. The report has been on his desk for almost 2 months but no word on a possible authorisation or new plan for winning the war. All we get from his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is: “we are taking our time to evaluate all options to ensure that we get it right”. That answer is BS if you asked me. If they cared so much about getting it right then why have they rushed and continue to force down their expensive domestic agenda? Stimulus, TARP II, Health Care, Home Foreclosure, GM, Chrysler, AIG, bonuses, the list goes on.

The answer is simple: Obama is not trying but actively running the Carter Second Term.

Jimmy Carter was able to swing with force when the political wind was on his side. All of his accomplishments were only able to be carried out because the polls endorsed his idea. Whilst he should take some credit for the Egypt - Israel Peace Deal all he did was host the party, Begin and Sadat were ready to make peace it didn’t matter what venue. The Iran hostage crisis was difficult for Carter to deal with and the polls were mixed, so he ignored it for 444 days and was ridiculed for it. What happened then is much like what Obama is doing now in his reluctance to make the really tough decisions which will eventually be his undoing. The Afghanistan Dithering this week, next month it will be unemployment, the month after that it will be the collapse of the Dollar. All this could have been avoided if he actually took his time and focused on making proper decisions based on facts not ideology and focus groups.

What Obama needs is a major wake up call, however it must come from the American People. He has to made aware in no uncertain terms that his policies are not only tanking but destroying the fabric of American Society. Since he doesn’t have the leadership skills or the moral
fibre to reverse course on the same level that George W. Bush did with Iraq and the surge, America must prepare themselves for a rocky ride as things will only get worse.

Arise Jimmy the Second!

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