Thursday, 29 October 2009


If the current Government were a patient of the NHS, they would have pulled the plug ages ago.

I am fed up of 60’s socialist, uninformed, over educated, elitist snobs lecturing me on how things should be run. The same people that focused all their energy on rallies and opposing the government aka “rule of law” are now the law. In Britain, our government is going down the tubes and fast. We see every week the recession is getting worse, unemployment skyrocketing and the national debt out of control. Despite all that, our spineless, directionless government are arguing about how much money they are not making from expenses. Take the fact that immigration is at unsustainable levels and the national identity is almost nonexistent, you would forgive the average law abiding, taxpaying, caring and charitable citizen the chance to be a little pissed off.

While millions are finding it impossible to find jobs and the employed getting tired and overstretched at their current jobs, a crisis is looming in Britain. Over the last 3 weeks the postal union has walked out over 7 times complaining about, among other things, pay!! and there are more strikes to come. Yet the government stays silent. Why is it that the decent average citizen is always the one to clear up the union and government mess? Where is their say? Folks will say “Elections Stupid”. I would say, why the hell has there not been an election? Answer... Gordon Brown. No spine or will to fight. He is almost the Neville Chamberlain of my generation. Rose tinted spectacles about life and the economy, no enemies just people like Hitler upset about something he had for breakfast, “oh he won’t hurt a fly”!!! When an election was essential he buckled and refused because he was going to lose. Whatever happened to the idea of Country First?
Unfortunately, the current political parties are stuck; they are still arguing about the poor and failings in society, when the real monstrosity is the fact that millions are still not able to find a bloody job. Not once have I heard any politician in Question Time or PMQ’s ask about what can be done to get people working again. All we get from Brown is statements about jobless benefits. Where are the calls to make things easier for people to hire? What about the people who lost jobs as a result of Gordon Brown’s socialist agenda and are still not finding jobs? Yet all he can say is that you will get a cheque for £50 for your troubles of unemployment. That sums up Brown to a tee, gutless and a disgrace. A leader is someone that can inspire, if not, be someone you admire. If he is really working hard to solve the problem, then people will understand that and at least be proud of that. Is Brown really working hard? He is going to meeting after meeting and not accomplishing anything. I mean, have you noticed that he really has done one thing of note since he was crowned as Prime Minister.
If I were advising the Prime Minister (btw, I wouldn’t take it even if he begged me) I would suggest the following solutions to the problems which he has caused:


Lower Taxes on Business if less is going to the government in profits, then more resources can be put into employing additional staff and expanding companies. Secondly, I would issue you an ultimatum to the postal union or any union. Get back to work, or find that you job has been taken by the millions who have lost jobs. Then when the idiots file for unemployment, they receive no benefits from the government. Why should the tax payer assist you when you walked out on them?

National Debt

Socialist fruit cakes will say that if we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and any foreign policy situations, then the debt will be wiped out. I would say that if the idea of war is protecting freedom and killing terrorists then we should definitely stay the course and win, ALL THE TIME. However, if our goal is not to win and pay lip service to terror, then for the sake of our armed services and country we withdraw. Tony Blair believed in the war and its necessity for winning. Gordon Brown seems not to care at all. Based on that, I would withdraw and blame Brown for the chaos that will ensue. Secondly, I would scrap the idea of Redistribution of Wealth. It is a nice idea but one that can only be implemented and justified when the sun is shining. The government needs money and with fewer people paying taxes, they will have to make money somehow. By making everyone pay a fair share across the board flat tax that should put more money in the government coffers. Thirdly, CUT SPENDING. Efficiency and quality is needed now more than ever. The government needs to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of what we are spending. Cut the waste and make sure that service being provided is up to scratch. Fourthly, I would tackle illegal immigration hard. Track down the thousands of people that are draining our resources in benefits and halfway houses.

After those discussions and with all those plans in place (in my dreams) I would give Brown one last piece of advice:


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